Sunday, December 26, 2010

My List of Top iPhone Apps of 2010

My Top iPhone Apps for 2010

I love 'best of the year' lists, so I decided to create my own top iPhone apps for 2010.

A great Sci-Fi News app from the blog of the same name.

NPR News
Listen to streaming public radio stations or on demand versions of your favorite NPR shows like All Things Considered.

I love Yelp and am an avide reviewer and user of both the website and iPhone app, mostly for restaurant reviews.

Fluent News
News aggregator. I have several other news apps (e.g., WSJ, NY Times, etc.), but Fluent aggregates the top articles for several news sources into a single app.

Great sports app for score updates. Much better than ESPN's app, although I have and use both.

AT&T U-Verse
Since switching to AT&T U-Verse cable television service I found they already had a very useful iPhone app allowing you to quickly add DVR recordings or review/delete recorded programs from anywhere. It's much quicker to delete programs from the iPhone app than through the actual DVR/cable box on-tv-screen commands. [Available for U-Verse customers only]

The official Twitter app for iPhone is pretty great. I used to use tweetdeck and tried a few other apps before Twitter bought the tweetie app and came out with this 'official' app for iphone.

Favorite Game Apps on iPhone: Peggle, Angry Birds, Osmos, Bejeweled 2

The Facebook and Google Maps apps are also both excellent apps that I have used quite often since my first iPhone, and they continue to improve.

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